Modify Your Plan: Add Treatment to an Existing Plan

After many years of planning cases, I occasionally find myself looking at a beautiful, lengthy treatment plan, crafted with skill and realize that I have forgotten a procedure line. Sometimes, the desire to “add a line or two” may be motivated because I want to insert a few lines of notes (see the blog entry on Using Notes!) to better inform the patient.

Whatever the reason, if your plan has 10 or 12 lines already generated and you make the decision to add anything, the interface easily permits this. In any plan, in the listing section along the right side of the TPG screen, you will see a row of small, blue squares. These are special little buttons and you will want to know how to use them.

Consider a complex plan with multiple lines completed. We have decided that an entry detailing a specific treatment must be inserted in the 8th row.

Locate the the blue “Insertion Button” in line with that row. Carefully align your cursor tip over this button until it becomes highlighted. Move the pointer tip very carefully, as the buttons are quite small. Click once. Instantly, ALL EXISTING TREATMENT LINES will magically move down, leaving that row open and blank. The original treatment plan is preserved and a blank line has been inserted. Select any treatment you desire from the TPG interface and the blank line will be filled in perfectly. You can always type in a short note or use the notes System to intelligently insert your previously saved notations. Just remember to open up the exact number of rows, so your note fills in correctly