Welcome to the TPG Blog!

Welcome to the Trx Plan Generator blog. As the developer (and working dentist) behind this software project, I will present TIPS and TRICKS that will enhance it’s usefulness for those dentists who use it. TPG was designed to help dental professionals quickly generate printed treatment plans and powerful narrative reports that are easily understood by patients.

Every dentist has their own personal method of developing treatment plans. The legal pad with penciled treatment notes is slow and clumsy. Typing directly into a word processor is more elegant, but takes too much time. Dental Business Management software programs often have treatment planning modules, but they are difficult to use and provide sterile, unsightly reports that patients can barely understand. If the dentist is not directly involved in the planning process, costly mistakes can occur.

The most interesting aspects of Trx Plan Generator are in the patient reports that are designed to be informative and educational. The Narrative Report lists clinical problems, treatment considerations and non-treatment risks. This is an ‘intelligent’ report, built using the dentist’s own descriptive statements and words. For example, if a patient is a diabetic, and the dentist wants to emphasize the importance of excellent oral hygiene with emphasis on the connection between periodontal disease and cardiovascular health, the narrative report can be easily ‘FOCUSED’ on that educational goal.

Imagine trying to plan a complex restorative case for a patient with periodontal disease, multiple missing teeth, carious teeth, abscessed teeth and cosmetic issues. Additionally, this patient has asked for options, including fixed prosthodontics or other alternatives. This would be a daunting task, involving a great deal of doctor time and energy. Ultimately, these plan options have to be communicated to the patient, along with numerous other important aspects of treatment, such as fees, risks, prognosis and informed consent documentation. Trx Plan Generator enables dental practitioners to accomplish all these things in minutes.