TPG Interface: Ease of Use

I really don’t enjoy software products that make me work harder. When typing at a keyboard, why do most software programs force me to “fix” the text when needed? Why is it when I enter two letters for a state, I have to capitalize them? Shouldn’t the software do that?

The answer is yes, software programmers should take care of those time-wasting chores whenever we are entering information. Most of the dental software programs (I have encountered) do not offer these simple little features. Usually, the reason is that for the programmers, coding of the advanced functions to handle all possible text combinations is quite difficult. So, it gets left out.

Trx Plan Generator has intelligent formatting built in, because it allows the dentist to spend less time entering names and patient information and more time actually creating the best treatment plans.

As soon as the dentist or a staff member enters the patient’s first name and tabs to the next field, the program automatically corrects the capitalization, saving valuable time and energy. We have adopted this EASE OF USE philosophy throughout the interface for Trx Plan Generator. If you are entering a long, complex mailing address with streets, apartment numbers, suites, etc., our software will format it for you.


Another example of this ease of use design is evident in the fact that as dentists, we tend to use the same verbiage, wording and phrases over and over whenever we are talking to patients about their dental health. I have always tried to focus on communicating with words that are less technical and easier for the patient to understand. The NARRATIVE REPORT is an extremely powerful part of the Trx Plan Generator software. By inserting your own words into the CLINICAL FOCUS PAGE, you will be able to convey the same message (you may use our words or change the text completely with your own) to patients who have a variety of clinical issues which should be addressed.

We have taken the most common dental and medical problems that dentists tend to observe in patients and given the dentist/user a way to intelligently communicate this information in way that highlights it’s importance.